What we do

We offer the following services under the RJT WORKS Program (Restore Joy & Trust With Our Reliable Kind Service):

Group or Individual Grief Support Workshops for Parents/Siblings/Significant Others

RJT Grief Coaches are trained and skilled to assist families that are suffering from the emotional scars as the result of the unexpected tragic death of a loved one. Some of these coaches have experienced the same tragic loss.

Care packages for siblings/dependents of the deceased victims

Siblings of the victim suffer a great deal of pain as well. It is important that we keep in mind that they too need some form of comfort and compassion during this grieving process. Care packages could contain various items depending upon the time of year such as: School Supplies for back to school, Thanksgiving Basket, Christmas gifts. If the victim had dependents or was expecting a child, RJT Foundation Inc. would deliver a care package to the hospital or home of the newborn.

Assistance towards funeral preparation

The preparation of a home going service can be very painful and too much to bare. Often times families are consumed with visitors and phone calls and sometimes not knowing where to start. It's nice when you have family and friends that can assist; however, not everyone is that fortunate. If you are looking for someone who can empathize and relate to your loss that's when RJT's coaches can assist. Many of the volunteers have experienced that same or similar situation and understand all too well the challenges that death leaves upon us. The coaches recognize the steps of grief. Although they cannot provide all the answers, they can assist you through the process. Services vary depending upon the case situation.

RJT Foundation provides the following services that benefit the community:

-Brochures and helpful tips related to coping with death, grief, bullying and violence.

-Information on Community Resources

-Promotes volunteerism and encourage high school students to do community service

-Encourage college students to complete service learning through RJT Foundation

-Provide Scholarship Opportunities

-Sharing is caring, RJT Foundation donates to other Charitable Organizations and Foundations such as: Chatman Partnership, Miami Rescue Mission, Vietnam Veterans, Curley's House, Paralyzed Veterans, RBC Ministries, and more.