Vision, Mission & Values


The vision of RJT Foundation is to make a difference in communities by taking a stand against violence through promoting volunteerism, safety awareness, mentoring at-risk youth, and distributing literature in the community that educates and empower children and families on the subject of violence and bullying to help reduce neighborhood violence.


The mission of RJT Foundation is to bring this vision into reality throughout the nation. To provide an environment founded on trust, honesty and openness. To position the foundation as an agency offering support and assistance to families of murdered children and children whose parents were murdered as a result of violent criminal acts. RJT Foundation is a safe haven to families of murdered children to share their feelings and grief with other families that have experienced the same tragic loss. Assist families through the grieving process offer on-going support, education, prevention, advocacy and awareness. 


The only way RJT Foundation can accomplish these tasks is by not procrastinating but by taking swift action when a family has been impacted by violence. RJT Foundation is dedicated, and puts forth maximum effort with its resources recruiting staff that is compassionate toward families that are grieving. RJT Foundation values your contributions and appreciates the support. The organizations core values: God first, family second and career third. Life is valued, death does not judge nor does it discriminate and neither will RJT Foundation.