RJT Foundation Founder Denise Brown is an Administrative Specialist with a Degree in Public Administration- She is well known for her passion to help others who might be in need with a special focus on children.

On March 1, 2012, her life would change forever and her passion to help others grew even stronger. She was able to re-direct her anger from a tragic situation into forming something so powerful and touching that would ultimately affect the lives of others around her.

Several months after the death of her brother and her son and his friend who all passed away on the same day, she called a meeting with another mother (Renee Jones) whose son had also been murdered in October 2011. Ironically, all three of the boys had been best friends since elementary school and they would all die as a result of violence (Drive-by-shooting). At the meeting Mrs. Brown discussed with Mrs. Jones her vision and how the Lord had laid it upon her the desire to start a foundation in memory of the boys and said it should be named RJT using the initials of each one of their first names. Mrs. Jones did not hesitate and agreed that this would be a wonderful thing for the community. The both of them had been so moved by the vision, that they immediately began preparations to put the vision into a reality. They believe that someday, somehow this foundation and its mission will grow nationwide. The decision would not be final until they spoke with the mother of Ja’Quevin (Jacklyn Hall). Once Ms. Hall was informed about the plans, she did not hesitate to agree that this would be a positive move. They all three agreed that not only would this foundation be a help to other families that experience the same pain that they had undergone; moreover, the foundation would prove to be a therapy for them as well. On June 16, 2012 the decision was made between the three mothers that their son’s death would not be in vain. God had won the victory and his work would be done. They would become the Missionaries of RJT Foundation Inc. doing the work of “Women Supporting Families of Murdered Children”.